Experience as an artist
2023 - 2026 - Bachelor's degree in painting at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Antwerp, Belgium.
2020 - 2023Painting classes with Felipe Scandelari - Curitiba, Brazil.
2022 - Live painting session at the Warung Day Festival (Wire Opera) - Curitiba, Brazil.
2021 - 2022 - Collective Exhibition at Âmbar - Curitiba, Brazil.
2017 - 2023 - Freelance illustrator for the Bonijuris Magazine - Curitiba, Brazil.
2020 - Online exhibition at Hansford and Sons Emerging Artists Platform - London, UK.
2020 - Minister at “Workshop on Painting with Acrylic Paint”. Online event promoted by the Academic Department of Industrial Design (DADIN) of the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) - Curitiba, Brazil.
2020 - Featured by Gogo Magazine in its 17th online version.
2015 - Honourable mention at UTFPR exhibition “Mostra UTFPR Faz Design 2015” with the artistic project “Releitura Vanguardas” (“Vanguard Re-readings”) at the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) - Curitiba, Brazil.
2013 - Extension course of fashion sketch illustration at PUCPR - Curitiba, Brazil.
2012 - Extension course of illustration with pen and ink at Solar do Rosário - Curitiba, Brazil.

Experience as a product designer
My career started as a system developer intern during my studies in an IT technical course. I got some experience with front-end and back-end development and I quickly sparked a keen interest in user interface design. In 2018 I got a degree in Graphic Design. Following that, I worked in a digital marketing agency and on various graphic design projects before finding my true passion in product design (UI/UX design), which led me to specialize in this field.

From 2020 to 2023 I worked remotely for the startup Civi in São Paulo, Brazil, since its beginning. I played a crucial role in creating the interface and design system from scratch. I was focused on enhancing the user interface and experience of the mobile application as well as improving our internal processes. I was working closely to developers and engineers to ensure the best user experience possible. As result our user base had grown significantly, reaching around 4K weekly active users.

In 2022, I had the opportunity to work on an industrial product e-commerce in the UK and Italy as an UI/UX and product manager.

As a designer, I strive to create meaningful and memorable experiences that not only solve user problems but also create emotional connections. I believe that the path to creating exceptional user experiences is paved with empathy, organization and consistency, so I am prioritizing these principles in my work.